Food: love it, don’t hate it

It’s early January, the time of year when we are full of motivation and hopes and plans for the year ahead. The start of the new year is a chance to wipe your slate clean and start afresh.

Whatever perceived failures or bad luck you’ve had in the previous year, you leave it all behind and look ahead for a better, more successful new year.

Around this time of year, everywhere you turn you see pledges and promises for a better…..(insert whatever you desire).

Often I hear of resolutions involving an underlying relationship to food or self that is troubled, which is expressed by such war cries as ‘no more chocolate’, ‘I’m cutting out carbs’, ‘sugar is poison’ etc.

It’s great to set goals and if a healthier you is one of them, fantastic!

I think, though, that we could be more mindful of our motivations and what lies beneath them.  Is it a nurturing, loving mind-set or is it one of perceived flaws and the need to achieve unattainable ideals?

Do you love food or do you hate it? Or are you somewhere in-between?

We put so many labels on food – good, bad, super.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the diet of the moment, to become obsessed with calories and to declare war on certain food groups…until you realise you’re not having such a great time doing it.

Food should be enjoyed not loathed.  (Easier said than done! I know first-hand).

So, as you ponder your own food-related resolutions, if you’ve made any, I do hope that they will bring you enjoyment and nourishment (of body and soul) as you pursue them during 2019.

apple fruit healthy food
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