The struggle is very real

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It took me years, literally years (!) to work up the courage to start a blog. For some, for many, in fact, it’s no big deal.


For me, being a private person struggling with self-doubt and fear of failure, it was a very big deal.


In December of last year, I finally did it, though. I launched my blog.


Since then, I have published two posts.


…and for the last 4 weeks, silence…


I am struggling.


I’m struggling to learn all the technical stuff.


I’m struggling to find time to write.


I’m overwhelmed with all the advice out there about blogging for beginners.


I look at other blogs that are beautiful, polished and successful and feel…I don’t know…Intimidated? Disheartened? Defeated?


I look at my Instagram feed full of bright, shiny, professional photos of delicious cakes, moody winter scenes, pretty flowers, happy faces and I wonder if I’ll ever get even a fraction of the level interest they get from genuine followers?


I do try to remind myself of this quote I read a few years back:


“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle…”


Good things take time. And lots of work. And dedication. And vision.


For now, I am going to focus on climbing this very steep learning curve…




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