About Me

selective focus photography of pink petaled flower arrangement
Photo by Bryan Schneider on Pexels.com

Welcome to my space!

This budding blog is a culmination of many years of thinking/wishing/wanting to write until finally one day, in December 2018, I decided to take a leap and start somewhere.

Progress has been slow to date; the learning curve is almost too steep to climb but I keep slogging away and eventually it will all come together.

I am not blogging to make money (though it would be a nice benefit).

I am not blogging for fame (I’m not sure how I would handle it).

I am not blogging for attention (I’m an introvert).

I am blogging to connect – with the world and the nice people in it.

My hope and vision is to create a lovely, cosy, joyful, helpful, bright place where you will find inspiration or a few moments of peace or a reminder of all the beautiful, wonderful things in life. Small and big, messy and neat, sweet and savoury, limited and free.

I am planning to blog about food, travel, food, fitness, food, relationships, London & this shared journey called Life.